About Minu International

Minu International is a thriving import-export firm with years of expertise in the industry. Inspired by the government's support for the sector, we prioritize innovation without compromising quality. From our roots in Clay Products, we've grown into one of India's leading companies, driven by a commitment to goodness in all we do. Export, particularly in the Clay Products sector, holds immense promise in India. With our country's versatility and the increasing presence of tech-focused enterprises, the prospect of setting up manufacturing units here is enticing for international brands. At Minu International, we're dedicated to expanding the global reach of Indian exports while upholding our values of integrity and excellence.

Keeping traditional art alive

India's culinary heritage includes the traditional use of earthenware for cooking, a practice that has waned over time due to modernization. Despite its decline, earthen pots offer numerous health benefits, enriching food with clay's natural properties and enhancing flavors.

Minu International is dedicated to revitalizing this cultural tradition. Through our range of clay products, including clay pots, we aim to promote a healthier lifestyle while preserving India's rich culinary legacy.

We aim for the best

At Minu International, our vision is to showcase the unparalleled benefits of clay products to the global stage. We are passionate about promoting the use of clay not only for its enhancement of taste and nutrition in food but also for its added health benefits.

Aligned with our commitment to excellence, Minu International actively supports various government initiatives such as Clean India, Make in India, and Rural Employment Scheme.

Our aspiration is to garner global admiration for our people, partners, and products. We aim to create a customer-centric environment that reflects our rich cultural heritage and resonates with customers worldwide.

With a focus on representing India on the international stage, our mission is to share our extensive knowledge of science and cooking with countries across the globe. We strive to set new benchmarks and foster opportunities overseas. Minu International aims to establish a presence in over 50 countries in the coming years.

At Minu International, we are all about:

1. *Happy Customers*: We work hard to make sure our customers are always happy with our service.

2. *Taking Care of the Earth*: Our mission is to be the best eco-friendly company in the world by being kind to the environment.

3. *Making Great Earthenware*: We're experts in making awesome eco-friendly clay products.

4. *Being Creative*: We love coming up with cool and new ideas for our products.

5. *Encouraging Eco-friendly Choices*: We want everyone to choose products that are good for the planet and certified organic.

6. *Doing Things Right*: We believe in being honest, fair, and following the rules in everything we do.

7. *Friendly Work Environment*: We want everyone who works with us to feel happy and supported, so we promote teamwork and personal growth.

At Minu International, these are the things we stand for and work towards every day.